BHC Chicken is a South Korean fried chicken chain that has been making waves in Singapore since our opening in April 2023. We known for our crispy, juicy chicken coated in various delicious sauces.

Overall, BHC Chicken is an excellent option for delicious and affordable Korean fried chicken in Singapore. We have a wide variety of flavors, and the chicken is always cooked to perfection. However, if you are sensitive to spice, avoid spicy flavors.

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BHC Chicken Singapore
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Han Seah SimHan Seah Sim
09:24 08 Aug 23
We reach around 11am and there was no queue. Food came relatively fast. The taste was special and the chicken was very tender and juicy. Love it. Will recommend to friends. Thumbs up.
Jing G.Jing G.
11:59 07 Aug 23
Queued for maybe 25min on a Sunday afternoon. Had the bburinkle chicken with bones and extra cheese. :DAs fried chicken lovers, this is pretty decent - well-cooked chicken, tender with crispy skin. Perhaps could do with just a little more cheese.Korean fried chicken places in SG should really have free water availble! 😐 But we got some drinks anyway, to better enjoy the chicken.Would return to try more chicken flavours. 👌🏻
Jasmine WongJasmine Wong
08:58 07 Aug 23
First, it was the irresistable wafting aromas that drew us in. Then, it's the juicy chicken, crispy not-over-battered skin that's making us come back for more. I'm not a big meateater but BHC is so good that it's now top on my mind when I'm craving some finger licking wings - it's that good!👍🏻 Good quality chicken (fresh not frozen; u can take the difference), sizeable (not anaemic) wings, tasty sauces/batter - ticks all the boxes ✅! Now I know why the endless queues🤭... Tip: come during offpeak to skip Q's, or just join the Q lah cos it's def worth it, yummzzz🤤
Ellene KhaizarEllene Khaizar
07:38 07 Aug 23
Ember ShenEmber Shen
02:07 06 Aug 23
Best korean fried chicken! Crispy and juicy.I queued for 1.5 hours on Weekend.Note that cannot dabao teokbokki.The Teokbokki is too spicy for me.
Shu Yun LeeShu Yun Lee
15:00 05 Aug 23
The chickens are crispy and juicy. Even the chicken breast is tender! Highly recommended. The kimchi soup is thick too! Enjoyed the meals there with my family. Will patronise again.
Artat HeartsArtat Hearts
02:02 01 Aug 23
Always such a long queue every time we pass by. Decided to try it for early lunch. We reached at 11am. And there were already people queuing. We didn’t wait for too long tho.Nice food! Didn’t disappoint us. Chicken were crispy & juicy. Not dry. Would come back again next time!
Steven HanSteven Han
04:05 13 Jul 23
The most raved about Korean Fried Chicken chain that has finally opened its branch in Singapore. Ordered almost everything in the menu but the cheese balls were sold out. The must ordered would be the Soy sauce wings and the spicy wings. The fried chicken although very tender, it is not mind blowingly good. Overall, a great Korean Fried Chicken restaurant but the location and the queue is very long.The staff was friendly but wasn’t able to help sit a big group of people (so we have to split tables)
Chris LaiChris Lai
08:00 03 Jul 23
We reached slightly before 12 and there was only one group in front of us, to our relief. The fried chicken was juicy and crispy, honestly.The star was definitely the crispy cheese ball, evident by that long cheese pull.Was it worth the hype? Maybe notDid it deserve the 2.7 stars on Google? Definitely not
05:57 24 May 23
Jumping on the bandwagon to try out The BHC chicken. Took about 1 hour to queue and be seated but thankfully the food was worth the wait and better than expected.Personal favourite was the Macho King - crispy fried chicken drenched in the soy sauce and honey-based sauce, a must-try!Long queue aside, the meal exceeded our expectations and outdone the underrated online reviews. Total bill came up to be about $200 for 10 dishes.

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1. Soy garlic:

This is the classic Korean fried chicken flavor. The chicken is coated in a sweet and savory sauce that is both addictive and satisfying.

2. Spicy:

This more intense flavor is perfect for those who love the heat. The chicken is coated in a spicy sauce that will tingle your mouth.

3. Bburinkle:

This unique flavor is made with cheese and vegetable-flavored seasoning. The chicken is crispy and crunchy, and the cheese adds a delicious richness to the taste.

4. Macho King:

This flavor is made with aged soy sauce and a honey-based oriental sauce. The chicken is juicy and tender, and the sauce is sweet and savory.

What We SERVES at BHC Chicken?

  • Popcorn chicken: This is a lighter version of fried chicken made with smaller pieces.
  • Chicken wings: Are perfect for those who want a more substantial meal.
  • French fries: Are a classic side dish that goes well with any fried chicken flavor.
  • Kimchi: This is a Korean side dish made with fermented cabbage. It is a great way to add heat and flavor to your meal.

BHC Chicken is an excellent option for delicious and affordable Korean fried chicken in Singapore like Joji’s Diner Menu For Japanese food lovers. The restaurant has a wide variety of flavors, and the chicken is always cooked to perfection.

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