Our BHC Chicken Menu offers a range of options, from the signature Bburinkle Wings, Boneless, and Whole Chicken sets, to the fiery Hot Bburinkle and the spicy yet satisfying Red King. With favorites like Macho King and Retro, our expertly prepared fried chicken delights both the taste buds and the soul.

Indulge in our famous BHC Chicken Cheese Balls and Bburing Cheese Sticks, or explore additional cheesy side dishes like Bburing Sotteok. Craving something more substantial? Dive into mains such as Rabokki, Samgyetang, or the comforting Kimchi Fried Rice. At BHC Chicken, we aim to provide an exceptional dining experience with a perfect blend of flavors, textures, and friendly service.

BHC Chicken Menu 2024

Lets explore complete BHC Chicken Menu with Latest Items Price List.

Please Note that: We don’t serve Halal Food, as Our Menu contains Pork.

BHC Chicken Popular Menu

DishPrice Range
Bburinkle Wings (14 Pcs)$28.90
Bburinkle Boneless (600g)$29.90
Bburinkle Whole Chicken (14 Pcs)$31.90
Macho King Boneless (600g)$29.90
Macho King Wings (14 Pcs)$28.90
Macho King Whole (14 Pcs)$31.90
Popular Dishes
bhc chicken menu
BHC Chicken Price

BHC Chicken Classic Meal

DishPrice Range
Retro Boneless (600g)$27.90
Retro Wings (14 Pcs)$26.90
Retro Whole (14 Pcs)$29.90
Hot Retro Boneless (600g)$27.90
Hot Retro Wings (14 Pcs)$26.90
Hot Retro Whole (14 Pcs)$29.90
Classic Meal

BHC Chicken Spicy Dishes Price

DishPrice Range
Spicy Tteokbokki$12.90
Rose Tteokbokki$14.90
Spicy Rabokki$12.90
Rose Rabokki$14.90
Pork Kimchi Stew$16.90
Fish Congee$12.90
Spicy Fishcake Soup$19.90
Kimchi Food Rice$9.90
Spicy Dishes
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BHC Chicken Singapore

BHC Chicken Singapore – Snacks & Sides

DishPrice Range
Plain Fries$6.90
Bburing Fries$7.90
BHC Chicken Cheese Balls (5 Pcs) Original$6.90
BHC Chicken Cheese Ball (5 Pcs) Bburing$7.90
Dipping Bburing Sauce$2.50
Red King Sotteok (2 Pcs)$7.90
Bburing Sotteok (2 Pcs)$8.90
Bburing Cheese Sticks (5 Pcs)$6.90
Bburing Corndog (3 Pcs)$6.90
Radish White$2.00
Snacks & Sides

BHC Chicken Platter Price

DishPrice Range
Platter A
Whole Chicken, 1 Side Fries, 2 Soft Drinks
Platter B
Whole Chicken, 1 Main Tteokbokki / Rabokki, 2 Soft Drinks
Platter C
Whole Chicken, 1 Side Fries, 1 Main Tteokbokki / Rabokki, 2 Soft Drinks
Platter Price
bhc chicken menu
BHC Chicken Menu

BHC Chicken Menu Price

DishPrice Range
Gold King$31.90
Hot Bburinkle$31.90
Bburing Cheese Sticks$6.90
Mini Bburing Corndog$6.90
Pork Kimchi Stew$16.90
Kimchi Fried Rice$9.90
bhc chicken singapore menu with latest price list